• Fosters children's love of learning & natural ability to absorb varied environments
• Each child learns at his or her own pace & has complete freedom to learn what he/she wants, which makes learning fun
• Teaches independence from an early age
• Children learn best in different ways, and the equipment is designed for this
• Children are encouraged to respect and help each other
  How is Peace Montessori different from other pre-schools?

Traditional Play-way


Teacher oriented curriculum Child chooses activity based on his/her inner needs
Teacher sets the pace for the whole class Each child chooses his own work & sets his/her own pace
All children are treated the same

Individuality of each child is respected & nurtured
Movement of the children is restricted Freedom to move around
Specific time allotted for work Child can work as long as he/she wants on a chosen project
Non-scientific material Scientifically designed material geared towards developing specific skills
Concepts are taught & errors are corrected by the teacher Child formulates concepts from self-teaching materials & discovers errors through feedback from material. Child is not afraid to make mistakes.
Emphasis is on completing the syllabus in a fixed period of time All round development of the child at his own pace