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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Time – 3 to 4 PM

Duration: 1 hour Work Cycle

8 Months- till the child can walk independently

Toddlers attending school for the first time have the chance to settle in comfortably, in the company of their parent. This is also an opportunity for the parent to witness the Montessori method first-hand. The parent and child together involve themselves in age-appropriate activities in a prepared environment. This programme has no fixed duration. Once the child is comfortable in their learning environment and can walk steadily, they can move to the Toddler Programme. 
The work under the Parent-Toddler Programme includes social skills, movement development, field trips, nature walks and celebrations. 


Monday to Friday

Time:- 09.30 AM TO 12.30 PM

Duration:- 3 Hours Work Cycle

14 Months – 3 Years

This is the first time a child will explore a learning environment independently. The focus in this programme is to nurture and meet their growing need for independence, order, sensory exploration, movement and language. 

As with other Montessori environments, the children’s activities are designed to encourage them to discover and further explore. Toddlers work both independently and in small groups, and are progressively introduced to materials appropriate to their individual needs and stage of development.

The age at which toddlers can begin this programme is subjective – they can join when they are able to walk steadily and independently.


So much is happening during these early years – their brains are wiring new information and building the foundations of different intelligences. Purposeful activities that allow a child to experience cause and effect are integral to a synchronised mind and body connection. A safe and positive social environment can make all the difference in the growth of a child’s personality and self-esteem. 

Through her studies of children’s development, Dr. Montessori concluded that it was in the first 3 years of their lives that the most impactful learning took place. 

In this period, the brain is rapidly forming the synaptic connections that are the groundwork for future learning. At Peace, we recognise the power of the absorbent mind and have created the ideal space for our children to reach their maximum potential. 

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Monday to Friday

Time:- 09.30 AM TO 2.30 PM

Duration:- 5 Hours

3 Years to 6 Years

The absorbent mind is at work! Children are learning effortlessly. The preschool is an attractive and carefully planned environment, geared to the size, pace and developmental needs of children aged 2 and a half to 6 years old. This child-centered community encourages children to integrate all aspects of their personality and to develop a good self-esteem. The activities in the classroom are divided into several areas.
There are the practical life activities, a reading corner, and a wealth of sensorial materials intended for exploration of sounds, shapes, contrasts and textures. The mathematics area offers concrete materials extending from symbols and quantity all the way through to the four mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

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